15 Rules of Motivation for Harvard Students 🙌🏻

As a lot of us have exams now, I want to post some motivation rules from Harvard University, which can inspire you when you haven’t got enough motivation to sustain the preparation.🤗 Moreover, I think these quotes are useful not only for students, but also for all people who want to achieve success in their life..… Continue reading 15 Rules of Motivation for Harvard Students 🙌🏻


Three steps to make 2018 amazing 🎉✨

New Year is just around the corner and I would like quickly talk about several things which I found very important to have going into new 2018. 🎉🎈 До Нового Года остаются считанные часы и последние приготовления к торжеству. Чтобы следующий год был наполнен приятными впечатлениями и положительными моментами, хочу напомнить о нескольких важных установках, которым… Continue reading Three steps to make 2018 amazing 🎉✨


Hacks to stop procrastinating

Do you often waste your time?  Or you sometimes feel like you can’t do anything efficiently enough? If your answer is yes, keep reading my tips and at the same time inspire by spring in Prague. Вам знакомо ощущение потраченного понапрасну времени? Или чувство того, что Вы используете свои возможности недостаточно эффективно? Если Ваш ответ “ДА”,… Continue reading Hacks to stop procrastinating


Bullet Journal: What and How?

Today I would like to take you though my story with my first ever Bullet Journal and show how does it work.              Сегодня я бы хотела поделиться с Вами своей историей использования системы планирования – Bullet journal (от английского bullet – пункт).  Thanks to one of my friend, at the… Continue reading Bullet Journal: What and How?


77 Motivational Quotes from Greatest Minds Ever

Photo: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt I’m pretty sure that the way we are thinking and feel about ourselves determines what happens around us. Sometimes after changing the quality of our thinking, we can suddenly change the quality of our life. For example, if you always believe that “everything happens for a reason”, it clearly works for… Continue reading 77 Motivational Quotes from Greatest Minds Ever